Hope For the Future


I seem to be torn between being in awe of the amazing, beautiful planet God created and being terrified of what seems to be a hopelessly fallen and broken world. When I think of the future that awaits my children, I confess, there is often fear. But in the last 30 days, I’ve been posting 30 Days of Prayer for Your Children in our Praying Christian Women Community on Facebook, and have realized how amazing prayer can be: It can take negative thoughts and feelings like fears and transform them into heart cries to God that unleash world-changing power! After each prayer (many of which stemmed from my own fears for my kids), I’m left feeling hope and even excitement at the anticipation of how God is going to work.

If I could boil all of my prayers for my children down into one prayer, I think it would be the last prayer in our 30 Days of Prayer for Your Children: that they would be salt and light in a tasteless and increasingly dark world. This prayer gives me hope. It makes my heart swell with God-power and reminds me that they are the salt. They are the light. They are the menders of brokenness, the picker-uppers of the fallen-ness. They are the future, the Kingdom-bringers, the sword-of-the-Spirit-wielders. They are the keys that can unlock eternity for the lost, the lampstands to light the path to Jesus as the world around them grows dim. The darkness cannot touch the light, only draw more attention to it.

Thank you, God for the hope we have that none of the troubles or worries of the world can take away. Use our children in mighty ways, for your Kingdom and glory, and to bring love and hope and salt and light to the hurting and lost. In the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

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